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        Commercial Insulation Delivering ADifference


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        Commercial Product Highlights

        Blueprints and brochures on desk. Considering how Owens Corning products can work with your building project. Building Science Solution Center

        We Solve Problems

        Our Building Science capabilities help you in designing the right solution for your project to meet Design Performance and Code Requirements. Building Science isn't a part-time job for us. It's everything we do.

        Newly LaunchedHigh Compressive Strength Products

        The Owens Corning? Thermafiber? RainBarrier? High Compressive portfolio uses ThermaCrimp? technology to make the highest compressive strength mineral wool on the market.


        Your projects don't wait, and you can't afford to either. SSL II? with ASJ Max Fiberglas? Pipe Insulation is designed to make installs easier. And faster.

        Learn More About SSL II with ASJ Max Fiberglas Pipe Insulation
        worker wrapping pipe with SSL II Max Fiberglas Pipe Insulation

        Earn Leed? Credits With Owens Corning

        Owens Corning’s products may contribute points to a LEED category to help a project receive a LEED Certification. Simply fill out the LEED Request Form and submit to receive your LEED credit estimate within 5 business days.

        All LEED? Reports will provide the following documentation (if applicable to the product): Recycled Content Certificate, GreenGuard Certification, EPD and HPD. Please see the Owens Corning? Claims Guide for detailed descriptions of Sustainability documentation.

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